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Midiboy Music is an Independent label that started off in 1996 in Albany, Oregon with their debut rocktronica band, Midiboy, which was a duo consisting of Gregg Hart and Joe Flint. They released 4 themed albums of which a total of 9 independent radio singles were released, 2 of which made it to the top 10. I'm A Pop Star from their second album, Synthpops, was in the top ten spot for a total of 6 weeks, and in the top 40 for well over 3 months. 

Stating The Obvious, their first CD, tells the story of Logan, a man who was on the run from God and his journey back into God's embrace. A modern day prodigal son story, if you will. The CD contained a 16 page book, which each song being an entry in Logan's journal. 

Synthpops was the next album, and reflected a different side of Midiboy in that the music was more fun and upbeat and more club friendly, which was proven by the fact that 5 singles were in regular rotation on both Independent radio as well as the small, but persistent Christian Dance Club scene. 

Rejuvenate, the third project by Midiboy was themed to be about God's mercy and grace. This album was back to the more serious side of Midiboy like Stating The Obvious, but still had more of a club feel as well. 

RE:boot was released in July 2012 and it is themed around starting over, though the theme of this album doesn't run through every song like on previous albums.

Midiboy Music is now currently based in Northwood, Ohio and is currently working to release the debut album from their newest band, one:nine. The first CD will be called North Flew South For The Winter and should appeal to fans of groups such as Alan Parson's Project, Peter Gabriel and even previous Midiboy fans. While utilizing a fresher, more live feel, this band will continue the trend started by Midiboy by releasing songs that will make you think and remember long after the CD is over.